Periodic Table Formations

1000BC     Elements Known To The Ancients
450BC     Classical Elements
1000     Elements Known in the Year 1000
1670     Valentinus' Alchemy Table
1682     Kenelm Digby's A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets
1700     Elements Known in the Year 1700
1718     Geoffroy’s Affinity Table
1775     Bergman's Dissertation on Elective Affinities
1778     Diderot's Alchemical Chart of Affinities
1782     de Morveau's Table of Chemically Simple Substances
1789     Lavoisier's Table of Simple Substances
1800     Elements Known in The Year 1800
1803     Dalton's Postulates About The Elements
1808     John Dalton's Elements
1831     Daubeny's Teaching Display Board of Atomic Weight
1836     Berzelius' Electronegativity Table
1843     Gmelin's System
1850     Johann Dobereiner's Triads
1850     Elements Known in the Year 1850
1862     Telluric Helix or Screw
1862     Meyer's Periodic System of 1862
1864     Newlands' Octaves
1864     William Odling's Table of Elements
1864     Naquet's Families of Elements
1866     Spectroscope Revelations
1867     Hinrichs’s Spiral Periodic System
1868     Handwritten draft of the first version of Mendeleev's Periodic Table
1868     Meyer's "Lost" Table
1869     Mendeleev's Tabelle I
1869     Mendeléeff's Vertical Table (Q&Q's Spelling)
1870     Meyer's Periodic Table
1870     Baumhauer's Spiral
1870     Baker's Electronegativity Table
1871     Mendeleev's Tabelle II
1871     Mendeleev's Predicted Elements
1871     Mendeleev's Periodic Table of 1871, redrawn by J.O. Moran, 2013
1872     Meyer's Spiral System
1881     Spring's Diagram
1882     Bayley's Periodic System
1882     Brauner's Periodic Table
1886     Crookes' Periodic Table
1887     Flavitzky's Arrangement
1892     Bassett's Vertical Arrangement
1892     Bassett Dumb-Bell Form
1893     Rang's Periodic Table
1895     Retger's Periodic Table
1895     Thomsen's Periodic Table
1896     Theodore Richards Classification of The Elements
1898     Crookes' vis generatrix
1900     Elements Known in The Year 1900
1900     Chronology of Splitting The Rare Earths: "Ceria" & "Yttria"
1902     Brauner's Table
1902     Erdmann's Spiral Table
1902     Blitz's Periodensystem der Elemente
1904     Benedicks' Periodic Table
1904     Mendeleev's 1904 Periodic Table
1904     Ramsay's Periodic Arrangement of The Elements
1905     Werner's Periodic Table Arrangement
1905     Gooch & Walker Periodic Table
1906     Mendeleev's 1906 Periodic Table
1908     Young's Table
1911     Adams' Periodic Table
1911     Emerson's Helix
1911     Soddy's Three-Dimensional System
1911     Baur's Periodic Table
1913     Moseley's Periodic Law
1913     Rhydberg's Table
1914     Hackh's Periodic Table
1915     Crehore's Periodic System
1916     Harkins & Hall's Periodic Table
1916     Dushman's Periodic Table
1917     CRC Periodic Table
1918     Hackh's Classification of the Elements
1918     Meyer's Periodisches System der Elemente
1919     Langmuir's Periodic Table
1919     Hackh's Classification of the Elements, Updated
1919     Hackh's Periodic Spiral
1919     Hackh's Periodic Chain
1920     Nodder's Periodic Table
1920     Partington's Periodic Arrangement of the Elements
1920     Schaltenbrand's Helical Periodic Table
1920     Kohlweiler's System
1921     Margary's Periodic Table
1922     Bohr's System
1923     Deming Periodic Table
1923     Deming’s Other 1923 Periodic Table: Mendeleev style
1924     Hubbard Periodic Chart Of The Atoms
1925     Courtines' Periodic Classification
1925     Friend's Periodic System
1925     Noddack Periodic Table
1925     Deming's (Updated) Periodic Table
1926     Andreas von Antropoff's Periodic Table
1926     Monroe & Turner's Spiral
1926     Walter Russell's Periodic Chart of The Elements 1
1926     Walter Russell's Periodic Chart of The Elements 2
1926     Hopkins' Nearly Completed Periodic Table of The Elements
1928     Janet's Helicoidal Classification
1928     Janet's Lemniscate Formulation
1928     Janet's Left Step Periodic Table
1928     Janet's Three-Dimensional Spiral-Tube System
1928     Riesenfeld Periodic Table
1930     Janet's Shell Filling Diagram
1930     Nekrasov Periodic Table
1932     Stareck's Natural Periodic System
1933     Quam's Periodic Chart
1933     Rixon's Diagram of the Periodic Table
1933     Clark's Periodic Arrangement of The Elements
1933     After Crookes: The Periodic Law
1934     Brazilian Version of The Hubbard Periodic Chart Of The Atoms
1934     Romanoff's System
1934     Leningrad Monument To The Periodic Table
1934     White's Periodic Table
1935     Triangular Periodic Table by Emil Zmaczynski
1937     Pozzi Spiral Periodic Table
1937     Zmaczynski's Fan-Shaped System
1939     Irwin's Periodic Table
1942     Paneth's Table
1943     Finke's Spatial System
1944     Müller's Tree System
1944     Seaborg's Periodic Table of 1944
1945     Segré Chart of Elements & Isotopes
1945     Seaborg's Periodic Table of 1945
1945     Krafft's Periodic Table (1945)
1947     Steadman's Design
1947     Stedman's Conic System
1949     Pauling's Formulation
1949     Clarke's Periodic Arrangement of The Elements (1949)
1949     Wringley's Lamina System
1950     The Modern Periodic Table
1950     Clark's Updated Periodic Table
1950     Scheele's System
1950     Elements Known in the Year 1950
1951     Longman's Mural from Festival of Britain
1951     Chicago Museum of Science & Industry Periodic Table
1951     Rodríguez Tabla Periódica de los Elementos Químicos
1951     Mellor's Periodic Series of the Elements
1951     Tomkeieff's Periodic Table Formulation Formula
1953     Mendoza Periodic Table
1954     Sanderson's "One More" Periodic Table
1955     Mazurs' Valence Periodic Table
1955     Mazurs' Periodic Table
1955     Krafft's Periodic Table (1955)
1960     Theodor Benfey's Spiral Periodic Table
1960     Spherical Periodic Table
1960     Pauling's Complete Electronegativity Scale
1961     Gamow's Wound Ribbon Periodic Table
1961     Chaverri's Tabla Periodica de Los Elementos
1963     Life Science Library Periodic Table
1964     Eichinger Periodic Table
1965     Alexander Arrangement of Elements
1965     Giguère's Periodic Table
1966     Ionization Enerties
1966     Cotton and Wilkinson Periodic Table of The Elements
1967     Elements of The Standard Model
1967     Sanderson's Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements
1968     Merck Index Periodic Chart of The Elements
1969     Glen T. Seaborg's g-Block Formulation
1969     Wikipedia Extended Periodic Table
1969     Island of Stability
1969     Mazurs Periodic System of Chemical Elements
1969     van Spronsen Periodic Table
1970     Elements According to Relative Abundance
1971     Satz Reciprocal System Periodic Table
1971     Clark, John O. E. Periodic Table
1972     Octagonal Prismatic Periodic Table
1974     Mazurs Version of Janet's "Lemniscate" Formulation
1974     Marzus Wooden Version of Mendeleev's Periodic Table
1974     Mazurs' Formulation
1974     Mazurs' PT Formulation Analysis
1975     Hyde's Periodic Relationships of The Elements
1977     CRC Handbook Periodic Table of The Elements
1979     Mann's Spiral Periodic Table
1980     Periodic RoundTable
1982     Periodiska Systems Rätta Form
1983     Cement Chemists Cubic Periodic Table
1983     Pyramid Periodic Table
1985     Jodogne's Tableau des Éléments
1988     San Le's Periodic Table
1989     Physicist's Periodic Table by Timothy Stowe
1989     Electron Shell Periodic Table
1989     Laing's Modification of The Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements
1990     Dufour's Periodic Tree
1990     Pawlowski Circular Periodic Table
1994     Where Should Aluminium Go?
1995     Chemical Helix Periodic Table
1995     Melinda Green's Periodic Fractal of The Elements
1996     First Ionisation Energy of The Elements
1997     Eric Scerri's Bayley-Thomsen-Bohr Periodic Table
1997     Bob Doyle Periodic Table of The Elements
1997     G.O.O.D. Periodic Table of The Elements
1998     Wheel of Motion Periodic Table
1999     Moran's Spiral Periodic Table
2000     Chemical Elements Pyramidal Diagram
2000     Elements Known in the Year 2000
2001     Mayan Periodic Table
2001     Vertical Periodic Table
2001     Muradjan's Universal Periodic System
2001     ElemenTouch Periodic Table
2002     System Québécium Periodic Table
2003     Philip Stewart's Chemical Galaxy II
2003     Cylinder With Bulges Periodic Table
2003     Elephant Periodic Table
2003     Elements by Orbital
2003     Electronegativity Periodic Table
2003     Proper Place for Hydrogen
2003     Ukrainian Periodic Table
2003     Bernard's Periodic Table of The Elements in Three Dimensional Form
2003     Bird of Prey Periodic Table
2003     Eight-Group Periodic Table
2004     Rafael Poza Periodic Table
2004     Monument to the Periodic Table
2004     Piano Periodic Table
2005     Laing's Revised Periodic Table with the Lanthanides Repositioned
2005     Cyclical Continuum of Elemental Properties
2005     Atom Flowers
2005     Elements
2005     Pyramid Format Periodic Table
2005     Górski's Atomic Core Based Periodic System
2006     Where Should Hydrogen Go?
2006     Eric Scerri's Periodic Table
2006     ADOMAH Periodic Table by Valery Tsimmerman
2006     Wikipedia Alternative Periodic Table
2006     Henry Bent's Exploration into Janet's Left-Step Formulation
2006     Reaction Chemists' Periodic Table
2006     Schemata of the Elements
2006     Various Periodic Tables
2006     Bent's PlN and Ple (Front Step) Periodic Tables
2006     Harmonic Circle & Spiral of the Chemical Elements
2007     Rota Periodic Table
2007     Jelliss' Periodic Table
2007     Wikipedia Circular Periodic Table of The Elements
2007     Gyroscopic Periodic Table
2007     Second Life Periodic Table
2007     University of Jaén (Spain) Wall Mural Periodic Table
2008     Rafael Poza's Elements and the Magnetosphere
2008     ADOMAH Tetrahedron Periodic Table
2008     Bydgoszcz's Periodic Table
2008     Tomás A. Carroll's Spherical & Russian Doll Formulations
2008     Stack of Elements Periodic Table
2008     Angular Form of the Periodic Table
2008     Jan Scholten's Periodic table (Spiral Format)
2008     Spiral Periodic Table
2008     Trinity College Dublin Periodic Table
2008     Bernard Schaeffer's Quantum Mechanics Consistent Periodic Table
2008     Nuevo Modelo Mathemático Tabla Periódica
2008     Mathematical Formulas Describing the Sequences of the Periodic Table
2008     Wheel Structure Periodic Table
2008     Teluric Helix from Gutierrez Samanez
2009     Russian Periodic Table
2009     Silberstein Periodic Table
2009     Janet Based Periodic Table Layout by Ivan Antonowitz
2009     Structured by Valence Periodic Chart
2009     Steve Jensen's In-Finite Form
2009     Graphic Representations of the Periodic System
2009     Nasco’s Periodic Table Toss-Up Ball
2009     Acrylic on Canvas Periodic Table
2009     Russian MedFlower Periodic Table
2010     Periodic Arch of The Elements
2010     3-D Strange Periodic Table
2010     Marks & Marks: Newlands Revisited
2010     Keaggy's Periodic Table of Periodic Tables
2010     Tai Chi Periodic Table
2010     Recipe For A Human Shirt
2010     Jovanovic's 2D Periodic Table
2010     Fahimi Formulations
2010     Vajra Periodic Table
2010     Pauling Spheron Periodic Table
2010     Bing Periodic Table
2010     Pyykkö's Extended Elements
2010     Harrison Spiral Periodic Table
2010     Spiral of Atoms and Their Periodic Table
2010     Cartogram Periodic Tables
2010     Scandium Group and The Periodic Table
2010     Upper Limit in Mendeleev's Periodic Table - Element No.155
2010     World's Smallest Periodic Table
2010     Khipu or Quipu Periodic Table
2010     Circular Periodic Table of Elements
2010     Harrington Projection for The 270 AMU Structure
2010     Neutronic Schema of the Elements
2010     Newlands Revisited – Poster
2011     Bayeh's Theoretical Periodic Table of Elements
2011     Stowe-Janet-Scerri Periodic Table
2011     Bayeh's Theoretical 3D Periodic Tables
2011     Piazzalunga's Circular Periodic Table
2011     Pacholek's Multipipe 3D Periodic Table
2011     Alper's Simplified Periodic Table: Elements Ordered By Their Sub-Shell
2011     Makeyev's Periodic Table
2011     Fractional Janet Left-Step Periodic Chart
2011     Wikipedia Long Form Periodic Table
2011     Alashvili Rotating Spherical Periodikal Tabel
2011     Normal vs Correction Shell "Pi Paradox" for 1-270 AMUs
2011     Elements Known in the Year 2011
2011     Suggested Periodic Table Up To Z r 172, Based on Dirac–Fock Calculations
2012     Mathematical Expression of Mendeleev’s Periodic Law
2012     Zigzag Periodic Table
2012     Eggenkamp's Periodic Table
2012     JR's Chemistry Set
2012     Magnetic Periodic Table
2012     Schematic Periodic Table of Double-Charged Cations
2012     Extended Periodic Table - Alternative
2012     Rihani's 120 Element Periodic Table Formulations
2012     Compact Mendeleev-Moseley-Seaborg Periodic Table (CMMSPT)
2012     Srivaths-Labarca Periodic Table
2012     3D Illustrated Alexander Arrangement of Elements
2012     Vortic Periodic Table in Marquetry
2012     Makeyev's Verticle Form Periodic Table
2012     Wheelshaped Table of Elements
2012     Bettermann Periodic Table
2012     Piazzalunga's Pyramidal Periodic Table Formulations
2013     Twin Spiral Pi Trinomial - Based Periodic Table
2013     Macro-Valence Cells vs Jovian Image and Red Spot Location Periodic Table
2013     Fattah's Periodic Table
2013     7 Elemental Chemical Synthesis
2013     Electronegativity Chart (Leach)
2013     MCAS Electron Orbital Filling
2013     Higgs Boson and Fundamental Particle/Force Periodic Tables
2013     Fattah's Extended Periodic Table
2013     Proton Configuration Periodic Table
2013     4D Stowe-Janet-Scerri Periodic Table
2013     Shapes Periodic Table
2013     3D Left Step Periodic Table
2013     From Periodic Properties to a Periodic Table Arrangement
2013     Periodic Pyramid
2013     Bernard Periodic Spiral
2013     Underground Map of the Elements
2013     Matrix Series Periodic Table
2013     Music Notes of Periodic Table
2013     Averaged Ionisation Potential Periodic Table
2013     Model Wooden Periodic Table
2013     Muradjan's Mathematical Structure of The Periodic Table
2013     Atomic Periodic Town
2014     Lado's Periodic Table Series Analysis
2014     Jodogne's Janet New Color Periodic Table
2014     Jodogne's New Color Table
2014     ADOMAH Periodic Table Glass Cube
2014     Gutierrez Samanez's Binodic Form of the Periodic Table (Video)
2014     Cross Periodic Table
2014     Zambon's Periodic Table Based on Triads
2014     Eadie's Periodic Electron Configuration
2014     Chandra's Polar Plot Periodic Table
2014     Metallic Character Table
2014     Janet Rajeuni
2014     UVS Periodic Tables
2014     Clock Periodic Table
2014     Belikov's Modular Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
2014     Jodogne's Janet New Colour Periodic Table
2015     UVS Periodic Table Model of a Klein Bottle Topology